Sunday, July 11, 2010

One down, three to go

I can't believe we left home one week ago. I think most have adjusted to the heat, noise, and smell. We are even getting used to the crazy traffic....well sorta. You would not believe how people drive here!

Today we traveled to visit Grameen Water Veolia. It's only 35 kilometers from Dhaka, but due to the traffic it took us 3 way! Veolia Water has partnered with Grameen to build this water purification plant. You don't drink the water in Bangladesh because it contains arsenic. The plant has only been open for one year and they hope to be able to build 5 more in the next ten years.

Tomorrow we leave for the villages. We will be in groups of four along with an interpreter. We actually stay at the Branch Managers residence, so we will have a roof over our heads. We will be talking with the village people and hear their stories of how Grameen helped them and made their lives easier.

We return to Dhaka on July 18th.  We will not have internet access in the village, so I'm sure I'll  have plenty of stories to tell when I get back.

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