Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've adapted!

If I had known what I might have to endure in the villages, I probably would not have made the trip. Nothing could have really prepared me for our stay in the villages. We stayed at the Branch Manager's residence, where 4 of us shared two beds and one "squatty potty". We also were so disgustingly dirty by day 2, that we took bucket baths on the rooftop at night. We slept with mosquito nets surrounding our beds, and the blackouts also occur in the village, but can last up to 2 hours or more. So when Shamima called to check in on us and asked how our accomodations were and how we were doing, my reply was repeatedly--"we're adapting."

But being in the country at the villages is so much different than the city. It is greener. The air is less polluted and it definately is much quieter. We returned from country this afternoon once again to the noise, dirt, pollution that is Dhaka.

Tomorrow is sort of an off day for everyone as we can rest up before going back to Grameen Bank Headquarters for another meeting on Tuesday.

I've done more things on this trip that I would have never thought possible. I am truly adapting.
Our group in the village where we stayed.

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