Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And then there were 4

   I began the countdown when there were 41 days, now there are only 4. It's been such a crazy week in the office trying to get things down before leaving.  My to-do lists are getting shorter, which is always a good sign. One more shopping trip this Saturday and then I can try to fit it all in the suitcase. :)
  The group gathered at Shamima's this past Sunday for lunch. She prepared some traditional Bengali dishes which were all quite good. I will just have to remember, "na jhal" which means not spicy. We also learned that we will only be spending 5 days in the villages. We will be divided into three groups and sent to three different villages, so we can compare stories when we re-convene. 
  After our visit to the villages, we will be visiting various social business activities that Grameen has also established.  Our weekends will be free, so depending on the weather and transportation, we might venture out to see other sights.

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